Avoid Locksmith Scams With These Tips


Avoid Locksmith Scams With These 6 Easy Tips

Getting a trusted locksmith can be tricky, particularly because not all metros require locksmiths to become licensed, thus giving fakes a free run. When you are locked out or lose your keys, chances are you may start to freak out and hire the first locksmith who’s willing to take the job.

However, this oftentimes leads to locksmith scams, leaving you with broken locks and thus wasting time and money. It can be really be dangerous as you don’t know the individual you have just invited over to your home or the location where you have locked your keys inside your car. You can prevent all this by knowing ahead who exactly to call should you ever experience an emergency situation. That being said, here are some recommendations on how to avoid locksmith scams:

The Business Name

A company needs to be registered under a legal name. When you find a locksmith service, you should dig deeper to check whether the company is registered, who operates it and when it was formed. If they behave unprofessionally on the phone or seem to lack the expertise about what they can offer you, then look somewhere else. Also, if you find generic services online that goes with names such as “best locksmith company in Provo UT” or “Provo locksmith services”, you could be certain that they are a fraud with no registration or background.

Read Locksmith’s Reviews Online

A trustworthy company that has operated for a significant period won’t lack a variety of reviews online. Check out forums and social media pages to see what others have to say about the company. Of course, a business can’t satisfy every customer and so, you shouldn’t worry if you stumble upon a few negative reviews. However, if everyone seems to dislike the service, then it’s best to avoid that locksmith.

Check The Locksmith’s Location

Fraudsters do not have a local store, otherwise, they would have already been caught. Fraud locksmiths normally use a call center that is not actually local and technicians who are not even trained as locksmiths. When searching for a locksmith, make sure that the company has a local address that you can visit. Also, don’t trust a locksmith who operates out of a van or a garage.

Check the Locksmith’s License

When the technician comes to perform the job, you really should check their license and other proof of identification. If you live in a state where it’s not required for locksmiths to be licensed, then you really should check for other forms of identification to ensure that they are not a fraudster.

Ask Them About Additional Costs

Scam locksmiths always have hidden charges added to the final invoice. When you get a written estimate or quote over the phone, make sure you ask them about extra charges for example, emergency hours and service call minimums. If you’re not told about any, then you should not pay beyond the agreed amount.

Lastly, it is ideally to avoid locksmiths who insist on being paid in cash. Odds are they are scammers or have done a below average job. Preferably, do not pay a single dime until you are satisfied with the final results.

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