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Lock Rekeying

Re-keying a lock is one of our specialties. Many locks can be re-keyed instead of being replaced.

New Lock Installation

Defective lock? No problem! Our locksmiths can replace any lock in your house or business.

Electronic Locks

With brand-new technologies available we can provide you with key-less electronic locking systems.

Alarm Systems

Do you need to have a security update? We have you covered. We offer the latest technology in high-tech security systems.

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Here at Locksmith Provo UT, we are devoted to providing our clients with the absolute best quality locksmith support services in Salt Lake City. We offer reliable and dependable 24/7 professional services to support each one of our customer’s schedules. Our main goal is to provide reliable services at any time, night or day.

We Provide Residential And Commercial Services All Over Salt Lake City.

Locksmith Provo UT offers high-grade work completed by our skillfully trained professional locksmiths. Our team always goes above and beyond to accommodate each client’s specific needs no matter if it is residential or commercial. By interacting with our clients and providing them with phenomenal services, we hope you will be happy you called our team. For more details on what we can do for you, feel free to get in touch with us directly, through our site or give us a call today.

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Residential Locksmith

Getting locked out of your house can happen to anyone, at any time of the day. We offer residential locksmith services for any style of home all across Salt Lake City, no matter what the time or place.

Commercial Locksmith

No matter if you have been unintentionally locked out of your business or you are planning to upgrade your security, Locksmith Provo UT is here for you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Automotive Locksmith

Car door locks are becoming more and more complex but no worries, our procedures remain the same. We deliver a safe and secure strategy to unlock your vehicle without needing to get a new expensive automotive key produced.

Emergency Locksmith

No matter if it is 2 a.m or 2 p.m we are here for you. Our emergency locksmith solutions cater to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you get locked out, don’t hesitate, contact us now! We are always here for you.

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Our technicians are trained in the most innovative technologies and are available 24/7 for your satisfaction.


We pride ourselves on helping our customers by any means we can, which also means helping save them money. Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation that can only be solved efficiently with the help of a locksmith. High-quality locksmith service at a competitive price.

The long and short response to that inquiry is just that all of it depends on the lock itself. With many years of expertise installing along with repairing residential and commercial lock systems, we will quickly be able to tell if your lock will be able to be fixed or if it will have to get replaced.

If your project is a basic one it doesn’t take much time at all for our professional locksmiths. That being said, when it concerns more complicated locks and security systems it will certainly take more time to install and put together then it will to install or fix a simple door lock. We realize your time is precious, so we consistently do our absolute best to get your project done promptly.

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Locksmith Salt Lake City UT

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More About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City (often shortened to Salt Lake and abbreviated as SLC) is the capital and most populous municipality of the U.S. state of Utah. With an estimated population of 190,884 in 2014, the city is the core of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, which has a population of 1,153,340 (2014 estimate). Salt Lake City is further situated within a larger metropolis known as the Salt Lake City–Ogden–Provo Combined Statistical Area, a corridor of contiguous urban and suburban development stretched along a 120-mile (190 km) segment of the Wasatch Front, comprising a population of 2,423,912 (as of 2014 estimates). It is one of only two major urban areas in the Great Basin. It is also the seat of Salt Lake County, the most populous county in Utah.

The world headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) is located in Salt Lake City. The city was founded in 1847 by followers of the church, led by Brigham Young, who was seeking to escape persecution that they had experienced while living farther east. The Mormon pioneers, as they would come to be known, entered an arid valley and immediately began building, planning, and extending an extensive irrigation network which could feed the population and foster future growth. Salt Lake City’s street grid system is based on a standard compass grid plan, with the Salt Lake Temple at the origin.

Due to its proximity to the Great Salt Lake, the city was named Great Salt Lake City. In 1868, the 17th Utah Territorial Legislature dropped the word “Great” from the city’s name.

Immigration of international members of the church, mining booms, and the construction of the first transcontinental railroad initially brought economic growth, and the city was nicknamed the Crossroads of the West. It was traversed by the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway, in 1913. Two major cross-country freeways, I-15 and I-80, now intersect in the city. Salt Lake City has developed a strong outdoor recreation tourist industry based primarily on skiing, and the city held the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is the industrial banking center of the United States.

This is a list of neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. As a major city, Salt Lake City urbanized in the early 1900s and now has many distinct neighborhoods.

Its larger and/or most prominent named neighborhoods include, with their approximate boundaries:

  • 9th and 9th, the area near 900 East and 900 South, running from 800 East to 1100 East and from 800 South to 1300 South
  • The Avenues, which extend north from South Temple to the city limits, running east from State Street to Virginia Street
  • Ballpark, running south from 900 South to 2100 South, and west from State Street to Interstate 15. Named for Smith’s Ballpark.
  • Capitol Hill, extending north from South Temple to the city limits, bounded between State Street on the east and 500 West on the west
  • Central City, between State Street and 700 East, from South Temple south to 700 South
  • Central City West, running west from 300 West to Interstate 15, going south from South Temple to 1300 South
  • Downtown, extending south from South Temple to 700 South, between State Street and 300 West
  • East Central, extending east from 700 East to 1300 East, south from South Temple to 1300 South
  • Fairpark, running west from 500 West to 1460 West, running north from North Temple to 600 North
  • Federal Heights, running east from Virginia Street to the University of Utah, bounded on the south by 100 South and on the north by Federal Heights Drive
  • Foothill and East Bench, running east from 1300 East to the city limits, running south from 500 South to Interstate 80
  • Glendale, west of Interstate 15 and running west to the city limits, bounded between 950 South on the north and 2100 South on the south
  • Liberty Wells, going east from State Street to 700 East, going south from 900 South to 2100 South
  • Marmalade District, bounded between 300 North on the south to 500 North on the north, and bounded on the west by Quince Street and on the east by Center Street
  • Poplar Grove, also west of Interstate 15, running to the city limits, bounded by North Temple on the north and 950 South on the south
  • Rose Park, extending west from Interstate 15 to Redwood Road, running north from 600 North to city limits
  • Sugar House, running east from 700 East to Foothill Drive, running south from 1700 South to the city limits
  • University, running east from 1100 East to University St., and south from South Temple to 500 South
    Westpointe, extending west from Redwood Road to city limits, running north from 700 North to city limits
  • Yalecrest, between 1300 East and 1500 East, between Sunnyside Avenue (800 South) and 1300 South

Location in Salt Lake County and the state of Utah: Coordinates: 40.750°N 111.883°W

10 Crucial Things To Look For When Employing A Professional Locksmith

You might never have already been in a situation that warrants the desire to hire the services of a professional locksmith, nevertheless, you still may need one someday. Different scenarios for example locking yourself from the home or losing your vehicle keys can take place unexpectedly. Regarding hiring a skilled and reputable locksmith, finding one may show to be a challenge especially unless you know what to consider when employing this kind of professional.

Not all locksmiths available are genuine masters of their trade much less trustworthy. So how will you distinguish between the good and bad seeds and make certain you hire the correct professional? Here are some tips that can help you figure this out.

1. Recommendations

Always get recommendations whatever professionals you what you should find and hire. Source the recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues that have enlisted the services of a locksmith before. You are most likely to have several top choices you could compare and make your mind up.

2. Look Online

Scour the internet to find out around you may regarding the locksmiths in your location and find out if some of the recommendations you received may also be online. Look for any positive reviews or testimonials which can be a source of specifics of the degree of professionalism of your lock technician.

3. Qualifications

The locksmith should have undergone strict training, attained the requisite skill set, certification, and license of your profession. This type of technician can have the essential expertise in handling different locks and understands the desire to observe and upholds a customer’s security and safety.

4. License And Insurance

Locate a locksmith that is certainly bonded and insured, having both workman’s compensation and general liability.

5. Experience

The locksmith trade is actually a profession that thrives on not just have the necessary training but in addition experience. Look for highly experienced and reputable lock technicians. Give top considerations for professionals with no less than five years to be in the market.

6. Availability And Reliability

While reputation is vital, you also have to look for a reliable professional. It must be a technician that will be available and definitely will visit your rescue when in need of assistance.

7. A Clear Estimate

Consider getting a locksmith that is certainly willing to give you precise estimates of your charges of service beforehand, even when it is on the phone. The lock specialist should also provide you with estimates on paper before they begin the work.

8. Specializations

Some locksmiths deal only in commercial services, other in residential services and others both in. Some professionals major from the automotive locks and some give attention to digital security locks. Making your option based on specialty will help guarantee an efficient job while also time savings.

9. Individual Locksmith Or firm?

Opting to use a business is actually a more effective bet than hiring an individual. Whichever possible option, you will still need to check their accreditation simply to be about the safe side.

10. Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for several obvious red flags ahead of the locksmith starts working. As an example, you need to be cautious of a lock specialist that is certainly quick to eliminate and replace your locks. In most cases, qualified and experienced professionals tend not to remove and replace locks unless they are utterly defective or damaged. Moreover, they spend some time to explain the problem along with the best remedy.

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